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PipLocker Master has the most ACCURATE and PROVEN built-in algorithms used by the TOP successful traders...YOU NEED TO SEE THIS NOW!

*Top Features Of PipLocker Master*


PipLocker Master is loaded with features. It practically does everything a trader could ever dream of. Accurate forex signals right in front of your eyes!

**For the glory of forex**

Dear Trader,

My name is Norbert J. Brown and I have been a trader for 20 years. My expertise is in Currency and Stocks. I had been trading for over 4 bank firms over the course of my career and today I will be giving my secret to success. You will see why my method has been generating tremendous profits and why I was offered money from large investors to trade for them but decided to trade on my own instead.

Overview Of PipLocker Masters Interface

The PipLocker Master is overall an very easy and straight forward system to follow. It is absolutely loaded with the most accurate formulas that have been proven to generate pips. We have made it virtually “fool-proof”. It does everything, you just enter when it says BUY or SELL. Thats it!

The Signals Panel

So as you can see, the panel is fairly easy to understand. It displays all the important things:

  • Currency pair
  • Your account balance
  • Your brokers spread
  • Trend of the currency pair
  • 2x confirmations (When both conditions are met, only then will you receive a signal)

When to enter a trade?

The signal will appear right on the panel on the chart and an Audio Alert popup will show, that is when you enter the trade! Its as simple as that.

On-Chart Alerts

Audio Alerts

This may be the simplest way of entering. You can never go wrong with an alert because it will only show when an opportunity arises. Once again, this will show in addition to the main signal on the panel and will coincide with it.

AMAZING Historical Trades


This GBP/USD signal was outstanding! On a H1 time frame, PipLocker Master’s signal made a total of +144 pips profit. That is impressive for a H1 time frame.


EUR/USD made a solid +74 pips on the Buy signal. The PipLocker Master recognized the uptrend and was able to give a nice entry.


This signal earned +144 on the USD/JPY using the H4 time frame. The market conditions were volatile and PipLocker Master is a forex system that is adaptable to all market conditions!


Many traders use Daily charts, this system works great on short, mid and long term charts. As you can see the USD/CHF signal on the D1 chart made a total of +484 pips. That is a lot of pips and would equate to $4840!


The special thing about PipLocker Master is that we designed it to make the maximum amount of profit on smaller time frames. So you can expect to make 100+ pips on M30 and lower time frames on certain occasions. On the USD/CAD, it made +106 pips on the M30 chart. For a single signal on such a low time frame, that is amazing!


This is another example of a good amount of profit being made using a small time frame by a single signal. The AUD/USD had a very bullish climb and the PipLocker Master gave a perfectly accurate signal.


The NZD/USD is another great pair to trade with due to its volatility, it’s normally a “trendy” pair, and using PipLocker Master in situations where the market is volatile is ideal. Of course, it is designed to work on ALL market conditions.


FACT: Scalping is a very popular approach to trading. It basically entails gettings in and getting out of the market as fast as possible with a small profit and then repeating this several times daily. So in other words, instead of entering a trade and aiming for a higher profit, the trader would enter the trade aiming for a smaller profit on multiple occasions throughout the day. And normally small time frame between M1-M15 time frames is used.


On this occasion, the GBP/USD signal gave a total of +28 pips which is considered more than a scalp but because the algorithms are so powerful, it made a good amount of profit on just an M5 chart.


Another stiff climb on the M5 chart on EUR/USD. The PipLocker Master was able to detect the beginning of a strong uptrend and gave a Buy signal. If you look closely, you can see that 10 minutes later it gave another Buy signal that made even more profit!


The M1 is the lowest time frame you can use and you’ll always get action on it. The profit made in this trade was +18 pips which is more pips than a typical scalp trade but PipLocker Master signals make it happen. ;)


$172, 833.75

Made In TWO AND A HALF Months


All arrows do not repaint. Once it shows on the chart, it stays at the same spot and does not move. No need to worry about backtesting!

Why Use PipLocker Master?

...the list goes on!!

The word complicated is no where linked to a great system like PipLocker Master because it is in no way complicated. With most cheesy indicators, you have to check the oscillation percentage, make adjustments to the periods etc but with this system, you don’t need to do any of that.  The best settings are built in the template so when you load it on the chart, it sets it INSTANTLY. Plus… there is NO REPAINTING or NO LAGGING at all! When a signal shows on your chart, it stays put and does not shift as the market moves. We all hate tools that do that.

We have taken so much time and effort into testing PipLocker Master that it goes beyond thorough. We put it up against over 200 different forex systems and it beat them all. We tested it under volatile and ranging markets as well and it proved to be very profitable.  You won’t find anything better than this and we’re giving it away for a steal of a price simply because we want you to have it!

You have probably stumbled upon this page because you are a struggling trader or maybe you just want to ad extra power to your trading. In either case, you need PipLocker Master. Its a FULL solution to trading in general.


Any sized balance. What is important is the volume size you use based on your balance. If you would like suggestions on the volume size to use for your account, send us a message and we’ll make a suggestion for you.

The PipLocker Master makes between 50-400 pips daily depending on how many currency pairs you trade on and the amount of time you spend trading. Our users experience amazing results when trading during all market sessions.

PipLocker Master works on all time frames. It has been testing on the M1 all the way to Monthly.

Yes. PipLocker Master is engineered for maximum easiness of use. It does all the work for, all you need to do is enter when you see a signal on the chart.

Yes, Piplocker Master has an e-mail alert option. Just input your email settings in the correct fields and that’s it.

PipLocker Master will work on all major and exotic pairs. It has even worked on Dow, NASDAQ and S&P 500.

Well at first glance, you will see that PipLocker Master is definitely something special. The accuracy is VERY high. It has a built in signals panel and calculates multiple formulas in the background and shows a check-mark when each of those conditions have been met.

VERY EASY. It takes less than a second to install. It comes with it’s own installer which will automatically install on your MT4 platforms(s).

Very EASY. It all loads INSTANTLY after you run the template that has all the best settings built into it.

All sessions. This system will accommodate any time zone and you can use it to your convenience.

Yes. This is a one time payment only and PipLocker Master will be yours forever.

Yes. We would be happy to help you setup. We can walk you through it or even remotely install it all for you. It is entirely your choice. In most cases, users get it installed in seconds the first time. but we’re always here to help no matter what. ;)

We use BlackBullMarkets.com and they have been great. We recommend them but honestly there are many other good ones and you can use ANY BROKER. Check the reviews on which one you decide to go with. If you insist on using our broker, you can open an account here.

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PipLocker Master has been a lifesaver for me. Thought forex was the end of the road for my trading but it's giving me the profits I have always wanted.

5.0 out of 5.0 stars5.0

Was a skeptic when I saw it first but the amazing presentation made me grab a copy. It surpassed my expectations. Piplocker REALLY WORKS. Made my first +74 pips this morning!

5.0 out of 5.0 stars5.0

This is a good system. I got great help from the team to install it and they showed me the performance in realtime and proved to me it makes pips! I am very pleased. Thank you very much!

5.0 out of 5.0 stars5.0

I love my PipLocker Master forex system. This panel is very professional. I really love the interface and my god is it ever profitable!! Use properly and you'll definitely have super results.

5.0 out of 5.0 stars5.0

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To Your Trading

Norbert Brown

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